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Szigetközi Fresh Water

Hungary’s best natural drinking water

Panta Aqua –the water and Szigetközi Friss Víz (szigetkozi fresh water)brands are our well recognized naturally pure, premium quality bottled waters, which are free from any added ingredients or additional addictive. Our water is coming from a Hungarian natural reserve called Feketeerdo(Black forest), which has an excellent water quality from 80-130 meter deep down. We do not treat the water, it is bottled in its natural form keeping the highest quality standards through all the process.

Try this pure natural preserved treasure, our fresh drinking water! We are available at our Gastro partners.

Bottled drinking water

For the human body a clean and natural drinking water can properly and constantly ensure the harmony of minerals and other substances. We have a unique elegant branding and we are proud to be present in most of the well known and premium restaurants and hotels in Hungary.

Water Source

Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, Feketeerdő


Ammonium: <0,03 mg / L
Nitrate: 5,0 mg / L
Nitrite: <0,01 mg / L
Iron: <0,05 mg / L
Manganese: <0,02 mg / L
Chloride: 18,3 mg / L
Chemical oxygen requirement: <0,3 mg / L
Total hardness: 132 CaO mg / L
Calcium: 70,0 mg / L
Magnesium: 15,3 mg / L
Alkalinity: 3,9 mmol / L
pH-Wert: 7,7 mg / L
Conductivity: 430 µS / cm
Sulphate: 34,2 mg / L
Turbidity: <m.h. FAU
TDS: 286 mg/L


Bottled drinking water

0,25 L / 0,5 L / 1 L

Carbonated bottled drinking water

0,25 L / 0,5 L / 1 L

iTQi Evaluation Results

Superior Taste Award 2014
with 3 Golden Stars
Brussels, June 2014.

Some comments made by the European jury members

First Impression

  • "Very light and pleasant water very refreshing, vibrant and exciting."
  • "Well bodied, well-structured with a lovely touch of minerality."
  • "Round taste. Easy to drink."
  • "Elegant and stylish water displaying a good balance of flavour and acidity."


  • "Limpid, luminous fluid."
  • "Transparent, clean, no bubbles."
  • "Elegantly shiny, crystalline."


  • "Clean and healthy nose."
  • "Pure, displaying finesse."
  • "Discrete, neutral with imperceptible notes of minerality."


  • "Fresh entry, lovely texture, good balance of acidity."
  • "Well bodied, coating the palate refreshingly with a good flavour profile."
  • "Taste is soft and neutral, mineral character mirrors the nose well."

Final sensation

  • "Medium-long lingering mineral."
  • "Good cleansing qualities, long pleasant mouth feel persisting."
  • "Delicate finish, silky smooth."

Bottled by

Panta Aqua Vízpalackozó Zrt.
H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár,
Kökény utca 9. - Hungary

Distribution Partners

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Veritas Borkereskedés
H-1033 Budapest,
Szőlőkert köz 2. - Hungary

+36 1 341 0646

Distributed by

Terroir Club
H-1037 Budapest,
Csillaghegyi út 13. - Hungary

+36 1 453 6023

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H-9022 Győr,
Teleki L. u 42. - Hungary

+36 96 336 206